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TheFinancial Inner-View​​® Experience

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Financial Inner-View® Experience (Five)​

We all know the importance of having an interview process that works, a process that allows you to uncover those things that are absolutely necessary before you can provide any advice or guidance to a client.
Can you imagine trying to put a plan or strategy together not knowing what their goals, assets, liabilities and, anything else you would need to know to help them? I'm sure you'll agree that is just "BONKERS".
Why not use a tool that provides what is needed to increase your probability of success or "closing ratio".
What if you were to uncover some of the following from your meeting:
·      Why they've come to see you
·      Help then identify their short and long-term goals
·      Determine the state of their financial reality
·      Look at what's really important to them
·      Get a good understanding of their financial fears and 
·      Able to capture it all on a single sheet of 11" x 17" worksheet tailored to your company (scripting is included)

The outcome we already know will be an increased number of new clients, an opportunity to revisit your existing client community and uncover things you didn't know which will help in moving them to a higher level of service. 
You owe it to your clients, business, team and yourself to know everything that is important. 


Customization of the Worksheet:

One-time setup fee $200.00

(includes, company contact information, logo and anything else you feel woud benefit the client)

High-Quality Printing:

$40.00___________ Package of 50
$25.00___________ Package of 25
(plus shipping)

If you require more than 50 please contact us. 

High-Quality PDF for Print 
No Charge
(You print locally)

High-Quality Fillable Electronically

One-time fee of $100.00
(You would use the fillable format for out of town prospects of clients)


One-time license of $750.00 which also includeds, 2 - 30 minute coaching sessions on how to use the tools.