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In Touch, In Tune Monthly Newsletter

If you want to build a stronger business, your relationship with existing clients is absolutely critical. 

There's an old adage in business which is still true today. It's much easier to provide new products or services to your existing client base than it is to go out and find new ones. So, keeping a good relationship and staying in touch is clearly in your financial interest. 
When a relationship is well cultivated, the chances are that many of your clients might also be prepared to refer you to others. It is also important to stay in regular contact with prospective clients so that if and when their situation changes you will be at the forefront. 

Of course, I'm not talking about a relentless sales pitch. It's about keeping in touch with them. Ultimately, they have the choice over whether to listen and act. 

The more you stay in contact with your clients and prospects, the more they'll understand your thinking of them. 

Why not provide them with a monthly newsletter that doesn't focus on market trends but rather on them. Giving them ideas on how to live fulfilled lives, vacation places, fitness, wellness and more. 

The "InTouch, In Tune does just that, you can include it on your website, you can provide hard copies or provide it to them electronically every month. We tailor it for you and include all your contact information along with a picture of you or your entire team.

One-time setup fee $200.00

(includes, all contact information, photos of the Advisor or Team.

High-Quality Printing:

$1,200.00___________ Qty = 100/mth
$   900.00___________ Qty =   75/mth
$   600.00___________ Qty =   50/mth
$   300.00___________ Qty =   25/mth

Above pricing (per year) includes shipping.
If you require more than 100 please contact us. 

High-Quality PDF for Print 

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